29 March 2018

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Alternative tourism Florina

Alternative tourism in Florina, a city in Western Macedonia, knows nowadays, a continuous growth. As being the most beautiful, historic and romantic city of Western Macedonia, it gives by statistic results the best answer to the challenge of conventional tourism. The absence of the sea is totally compensated by the unparalleled beauty of the virgin nature that remains untouched by any human effort and provides visitor an unhindered and pleasant joy. A city of an ​​enormous cultural and historical tradition, of ecological significance and of unique identity, makes the alternative tourism in Florina an experience of a lifetime, providing tourist services in their most authentic version.

Snow-covered mountain peaks, stone-built hamlets which seem as if they belong to a lysmonic past era, religious monuments, interesting local gastronomy and folklore and 6 wonderful lakes (Vegoritida Lake, Lake of Petres, Zazari Lake, Heimaditida Lake, Small Prespa Lake known as “Mikri Prespa” and Great Prespa Lake known as “Megali Prespa”), promote the development of an athletic, religious, and tourist destination and, of course, the development of ecotourism, and give the visitor the required space needed for self action and further exploration.


Located in a prominent position, at an altitude of 1000 meters within a green oasis, Hotel Veltsi is the best choice for your accommodation as it combines the needs of alternative tourism in Florina along with its quality services and with the sense of a luxurious yet simple lifestyle.


The strategic position of the hotel is sufficient enough to allow the tourist to leave the magnificent view over historical Vitsi Mountains and its beautiful green slopes he looks at while he is his room and go discover the thousands of treasures of this beautiful place.


More specific, Hotel Veltsi is located just 12 km away from Vigla -Pisodori skiing centre which is a winter destination that has been one of the most preferable choice of skiers for the last 40 years, 40 km away from the worldwide famous Prespa National Park that is a protected area, named as “a terrestrial paradise ” by ​​UNESCO where the visitor can find more than 1400 species of plants and 260 species of birds, and of course the hotel is only 40 km away from the beautiful and unique island of Agios Achilleios. Furthermore, Hotel Veltsi is just 15 km away from the borderline between Greece and FYROM and 50 km away from the borderline between Greece and Albania. Therefore, a lot of birdwatching visitors, nature lovers, wine lovers, food and gastronomy lovers, history lovers, athletes, climbers, skiers, bikers, beekeepers, big families, pairs and friends from all over the world visit it annually.


A reference point for every visitor of alternative tourism in Florina is of course the city by itself. The architecture, the culture, the local products, the customs, the “fires of Florina” known as “Foties” which take place every year on December 23rd, the countless traditional events and the local festivals achieve to develop a deep connection between the tourist and this land.


Hotel Veltsi is absolutely the ideal starting point in order to discover every secret of the Greek inexhaustible nature.