29 March 2018

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Baptism, Christening & Baby Events

Baptism and Christening day of your baby is his first appearance to the world by his official name and so it deserves to be celebrated in a way that indicates his “entrance” to a life full of love, many smiles and a lot of harmony. Hotel Veltsi is the favourite choice, in order to have a Christening or baptism event for your baby in Florina, as being parents, you always look for the best in order to create beautiful memories for the honored face of the day, your baby.

Our hotel’s creative event and organizing team undertakes from A to Z the preparation of your child’s baptism in the beautiful city of Florina, with responsibility, inspiration and sincere respect to the customer. We discuss with you every idea or any individual need you may have, we further inform you in details about the menu suggestions, the thematic decoration of the area and the audiovisual coverage of the event, constantly being vigilant for the best result of the event.


Take advantage of the possibility you have to choose for the most suitable area of the three appropriate for events areas the hotel owns. End up with the most appropriate and available space that represents your vision. Our hotel’s indoor banquet room is best proposed for scheduled baptisms in Florina which take place during winter season, and has a carefully designed luxurious decoration, technical equipment and the requested spaciousness.


Alternative, when the weather becomes warmer and weather conditions allow people to enjoy a day in Florina’s nature, you may choose to christen your baby either at the outdoor – front garden area of our hotel, which is divided into three levels or at the back yard pool area. Modern design, great view and a sense of wellness are the common denominator of all three areas.


Another advantage Hotel Veltsi has is the one that verifies our hotel as the perfect choice for your reception, and it cannot be other than its location. Built in the heart of nature, having a musical carpet by the sounds of the trees and the most authentic version of beauty included in its images and scents. All these give another reason for a baptism in Florina to become an unforgettable experience.


As it is commonly said, “There are no seven wonders of the world in the eyes of a child. There are seven million.” Trust us and start counting!