29 March 2018

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Events Hotels Florina

Hotel Veltsi is distinguished for successfully organizing and hosting events in hotel areas in Florina, Greece, which causes a continuously increasing number of dedicated customers. Perfection, creativity and a high sense of duty governs our staff’s behavior.

Social events, business meetings, presentations, club meetings, exclusive galleries, private birthday parties, celebrations, concerts and festivals are just a few of the categories in which we successfully operate, setting as our corporate goal the success of your event.

There are three amazingly decorated areas appropriate for social events, a spacious indoor banquet room and two outdoor settings (one in the front garden area and another at the pool area), all specially adapted to the needs of every single occasion, they form the required setting where your great moments will become unforgettable memories. The beauty of the classical and discreet luxury is combined to the avant- guard requirements of every modern traveler and it creates a sense of “wellness” that inspires positively even the most demanding guest.


In a city like Florina, various “hotel events” take place frequently and throughout the year due to its strategic location at the map of Greece. However, only a few of them are so highly organized and conduct the superior level of quality service, and those “hotel events” are the ones Veltsi Hotel can guarantee for.

Our corporate perception is that “for every sector there is someone expert” brings out as a result, that every event taking place in our hotel has the most interesting gastronomic menu, the most direct services provided by our staff and the most advanced audiovisual equipment through which all your great moments are effectively saved. All this package is offered to our customers at the most advantageous price of the market.


The final choice of the hotel that organizes, conducts and hosts events in Florina does not need any effort of yours, but your excitement! Trust Hotel Veltsi to host your event and you will be able to replace all the stress that comes along with the preparation required to organize an event, with the certainty of success and with the revitalizing relief you will feel while celebrating in the lush natural environment that surrounds our hotel.