Hotel Florina

Hotel Florina

A simple internet search as “Florina Hotels” can effectively lead you to the discovery of a “terrestrial oasis”, where the most original colours, images and scents of nature are still perfectly preserved and generously highlighted. This “journey” of valuable experience, of natural beauty and of mental uplift, begins from Hotel Veltsi, a resort which is addressed to nature lovers and means so much more than just a simple hotel choice in Florina.

Lovers of nature, bon viveurs and everyone who believes in traditional hospitality consider it as their favourite destination. Hotel Veltsi distinguishes from other hotels in Florina for the quality of its accommodation services, the politeness of the staff and the sincere interest for its clients.


Hotel Veltsi is located into the nature which is verified by every architectural and investment detail of the area. Constructed by sophisticated materials such as stone, glass and wood, Hotel Veltsi harmonically sets with nature and all its alternations and flatters with the surrounding forest. There is no other hotel in Florina where authenticity and modern facilities are combined in such a harmonious and grandiose way.

Decorated with a unique interior design in every room, with modern furniture and an identity that exudes warmth and relaxation at the same time, with the availability of 35 rooms and 6 suites, it provides to the visitor the coveted feeling of wellness and prosperity at the most competitive market prices.


Situated in a strategic location on the Greek map, at the heart of the country’s history and within an atmospheric natural landscape with an enormous biodiversity, our hotel is the ideal starting point for your explorations.


Unique moments are waiting for you on Hotel Veltsi. It is the time you will spend with your friends in front of the fireplace during wintertime or your relaxing moments in the pool bar during summertime or the moments that you will be taking a Jacuzzi bath time in your room all year round, the delicious Greek breakfast in the morning, all these are just some of the reasons why the Hotel Veltsi is the ideal choice among other hotels in Florina for all year round.


6th Chlm of Florina


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Our Promotions

Double Room

€ 56

Standard Double Room


Triple Room

€ 60

Standard Triple Room άνετο και λειτουργικό δωμάτιο


Junior Suite with double jacuzzi

€ 100

Junior Suite με υπέρδιπλο τζακούζι και θέα στην πισίνα