01 May 2018

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Swimming Pool & Spa

The Blue Bar experience!

A destination located in the heart of nature, where the clear blue sky meets the clear blue water which is so authentically scented by the forest trees. An environment of a total mental uplift or the paradise itself!

Opening early in the morning and lasting until the end of the day, The Blue Bar, which is the pool bar of Hotel Veltsi, is every visitor’s ideal choice, regardless of his age, as here he can enjoy tranquility, fun and rejuvenation at the same time.


Whoever needs several moments of relaxation and unconcern can join either by himself, or by his family, the two swimming pools of Hotel Veltsi, which remain at his disposal throughout the day. In a wonderful setting, with relaxing sun loungers, music, refreshing drinks and a variety of delicious snacks, the visitor can either enjoy himself in the adult 75sqm swimming pool of Hotel Veltsi, or relax while watching his children having fun in the 200 sqm children’s pool.


If you happen to love group sports and you need to release all your energy, then, there is a beach volley court for you, right next to the pool bar, and this is yet another reason Hotel Veltsi’ s pool bar to be cherished.   Either if you wish to have coffee by your friends or you prefer to supervise your young children while enjoying themselves, there is no reason to get into dilemmas. You can always combine both options at Hotel Veltsi’s pool bar.


Our qualified services provided by our staff combined to our corporate goal, which is our will to provide our customers every level of wellness, creates as a result, all the preconditions needed so that The Blue Bar not to be just a random choice for yours, but a stable destination that you will reach for many years ahead.