29 March 2018

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Weddings at Hotel Veltsi Florina

The authentic colors of nature, the lakeside ancient settlements, all made of stone, the romantic area surrounded by natural rivers and water springs and the warm- hearted inhabitants represent this place which has a huge cultural heritage, giving the visitor a feeling of transferring himself into the past where pure feelings were still kept. Ever wondered whether a better omen could exist than having your marriage in Florina where the oaths of your new common life are rooted into the town’s ancient forests?

At this moment of your great expectations when you only search for the perfect wedding planners, trust the professionals. Hotel Veltsi is the ideal choice for a wedding in Florina, as it does not simply provide the accommodation of the event, moreover it keeps you informed about each detail of it and takes on the responsibility that you experience your dream the same way you always expected.


Located at an altitude of 1000 meters, into a lush natural environment, surrounded by a dense forest of oak, lime and chestnut trees, it is where the set of fairy tales exists. The urban chic style of the hotel and the discreet yet luxurious decoration gives this great moment the feeling of a proper grandeur. The stone, the glass, the wood, as being the main building materials of Hotel Veltsi and the atmospheric lighting of the event depict the sense of an aristocratic experience.


Choose one from the three appropriate for social events areas; the spacious indoor banquet room, the outdoor front garden area which is divided into three levels or the outdoor pool area.


Experienced organizers provide in a competitive price, complete solutions which include the full audiovisual coverage, the area and the table decoration, the table arrangement, the guest’s menu, the wedding cake as well as any other personalized needs. Once you decide the perfect package for your wedding event, you will realize immediately that due to our great experience, you will happily remember your wedding day in every detail over time.


A secret we keep for the honeymooners is the junior suites of the hotel that have an astonishing, unique view to the mountains and are just a few steps above your wedding party. If your wedding in Florina includes your stay in a junior suite at Hotel Veltsi, for the honeymoon night, it is more than certain that the beginning of the next day will be just as beautiful as the rest of your life.